Our thinking and acting has one aim - your corporate success

This leitmotif of “Gesellschaft für Wirtschaftspsychologie und Organisationsdynamik“ has made us what we are today - an Austrian consulting company having been successfully active in Austria and abroad since 1988.


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Our quality 

National and international awards and certificates give evidence of our quality standards

  • CMC | Certified Management Consulting - the International Council of Management Consulting International confirms our international standards in management consulting

  • American Society for Development and Training | in a worldwide benchmarking, the American Society for Development and Training confirms our highest quality in the centre of management excellence

  • CCT | Customer Certified Training Certification by the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, 2008, 2013


managementcube | personnel diagnostics is based on the international standards for psychological diagnostics

  • Compliance with ISO standard 10667

  • Compliance with DIN standard 33430

  • Compliance with ÖNORM D standard 4000


managementcube | Management

managementcube – a division of “Gesellschaft für Wirtschaftspsychologie und Organisationsdynamik

  • Founded  in 1988

  • Head Office    Vienna | Austria

  • Management Board   

    • CEO    Dipl.-Psych. Mag. Josef Wegenberger, CMC

    • CFO    Sylvia Wegenberger

  • Head of Diagnostics

    • Oliver Wegenberger, BSc


Project management of the multi-professional development team

managementcube | personnel diagnostics was developed by a multi-professional team of experts from test, working and business psychology, diagnostics, statistics, human resources development, personnel management, information and communication technology, linguistics, cultural science, communication science.

The team was professionally supported by specialists from management/leadership, personnel management, technics, business management, sales, health, ...

Oliver Wegenberger, BSc

  • Degree in psychology at Sigmund Freud University

  • Head of Diagnostics of “Gesellschaft für Wirtschaftspsychologie und Organisationsdynamik“

  • Trainer and moderator qualification


Mag. Josef Wegenberger, CMC

  • Degree in psychology | pedagogics at the University of Vienna

  • Several years' experience as personnel developer (industrial group)

  • Managing director of “Gesellschaft für Wirtschaftspsychologie und Organisationsdynamik“, since 1988

  • Lecturer at the University of Vienna



  • Praxishandbuch zur Personalsuche und -Auswahl (Manual for personnel search and selection), volume I, volume II, volume III, WEKA, 1989 - 1994

  • Manual "Führungspraxis - Erprobte Instrumente  und Methoden zu  Managementprozessen und Mitarbeiterführung" (Leadership practice - tested instruments and methods for management processes and personnel management), volume I, volume II, volume III, WEKA-Verlag, 1998-2006

  • MANAGEMENTPRAXIS (management practice) volume I, III, THEAITHETOS, 2011


 Our history



setablishment by Dipl.-Psych. Mag. Josef Wegenberger, CMC | Mag. Karl Redl | Sylvia Wegenberger

1985 – 1988 

Development of a modular computer-assisted assessment system - 1st generation MC-AS

1988 – 1996

Successful employment with banks – insurance sector – industry – commerce – service sector


Establishment of strategic partnership with dpw Austria

1996 – 2003

Enlargement and further development of the system - 2nd generation


Development of the web-based assessment system - 3rd generation – WEB.AS

2006 – 2009

Development of a new assessment system for selecting and analysing potential of employees and managers - 4th generation [TOPAS]


Development of a comprehensive competence system as basis for competence-oriented     human resources development [managementcube | teammembercube | competencecube]  - definition of all success-relevant competences [abilities | skills | attitude |           personality and social competences | …] 

2009 – 2014

Based on this, development of an ONLINE test and assessment system - 5th generation | successful employment in personnel selection and internal potential analysis with employees and managers in all relevant industries and company sizes

2012 – 2014

Development of the new managementcube | personnel diagnostics | test and               assessment systems [6th generation] | internationalisation | 12 industry systems |         250 functional groups