managementcube | FAQ - the most frequently asked questions and answers

How does the system work? 

    • You select your appropriate requirement profile from more than 250 sector-specific functional groups or create an individual functional group from the defined competences

    • You select the language [test | result report]

    • You select the country-specific standard

    • The test is self-directed and available online

    • The meaningful result report on multiple pages [strengths / weaknesses profile including qualitative competence analysis] is available immediately after having finished the test and serves as a basis for the further recruiting process


How long do the tests take?

The duration depends on the number of the competences to be assessed 

    • managementcube | compact                     60 minutes

    • managementcube | standard        100 - 120 minutes

    • managementcube | professional  120 - 150 minutes





Which competences can be tested?

All company-relevant competences can be assessed my means of managementcube

    • 25 basis competences

    • 16 leadership and management competences

    • 15 special and professional competences


Which job profiles can be tested?

All functions on all hierarchical levels can be tested by means of managementcube | test and assessment systems.


What is the validity of the system?

The validity of the managementcube | test and assessment systems was assessed by means of an "external validation procedure", i.e. the results were compared with the performance at work after one, three, seven and eighteen months. The validity is scale dependent up to .75.


What is the reliability of the system?

The managementcube | test and assessment systems were assessed by means of internal consistency and high compliance has been confirmed; reliability is between .75 and .92 [scale-dependent].


What is the basis of quality assessment?

managementcube | test and assessment systems are based on test diagnostics and psychological testing with more than 10,000 "real persons". This means that testing quality is not assessed with experimental test groups but with persons having been in a real process of application, internal potential analysis or career consulting.


Is the system resistant to falsifications?

The system is highly resistant to falsifications due to innovative test and assessment methods particularly developed in order to control openness, this means that the applicants cannot influence the test results to take positive advantage.


How much experience is behind the system?

managementcube is the 6th generation of a field-proven system with more than 2,000,000 test applications since 1988 and is used by many national and international companies from all industries/sectors.


Who developed the system?

managementcube | personnel diagnostics was developed by a multi-professional team of experts from business psychology, diagnostics, statistics, human resources development, information and communication technology, linguistics, ... The team was professionally supported by specialists from management/leadership, personnel management, technics, business management, sales, health, ...


When is the result available?

The meaningful cube reporting is available directly after the test.


Was the system subject to quality certification?

managementcube is compliant with ISO 10667 | DIN 33430 | Ö-Norm D 4000 and thus complies with international standards.


Can the system be processed in an applicant management system?

Yes, it can be linked with existing systems.


Which technological prerequisites are required?

No particular ones, except access to the Internet [browser-independent].


Can the system be used on tablet, smartphone, ...?

Yes, managementcube can be used on all terminal devices.