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managementcube | Our customers


The business priorities guiding our company are data security and secrecy.
We comply with this principle even in case of publishing references. Therefore we abstain from disclosing the names of the nationally and internationally successful companies to which we have been providing our services for years.


managementcube | Our projects

Our success is based on 25 years' experience with our national and international customers

  • 2,000,000 test applications

  • 1,000 centre of competence | hearings

  • 150 organisational development projects

  • 170 human resources development projects

  • 5,500 trainings in personality and competence development for employees and managers

  • 110,000 consulting hours

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We partly use example illustrations in order to maintain secrecy.  Our internal management and control systems [risk management, data protection and data security concept] prevent passing on or abusively accessing confidential data.